Discovering You

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Discovering You is a self explanatory journal. It focuses on what makes you ... YOU. Dedicated to inspiring, motivating and creating that drive necessary for YOU to conquer your life. No need wasting time relying on outside sources (boys, drugs, alcohol abuse, bullies, stress) to determine your happiness when you can create and live it all by yourself everyday! So perk up, show them pearly whites & get ready to become the princess of your town! XOXO- Ashley


August 13, 2013 05:08AM, 2 comments

"To someone you may be the world..." Isn't that powerful? That "someone" could be anybody. Friends. Family. Loved Ones. Boyfriend. Better yet; someone going through a dark time. Why wouldn't you want to lift their spirits? It's acts like these that generate empowerment. These acts produce a more optimistic future that leads to happiness. I've stressed the importance of happiness in every post; but, you can never share too many ways to find it within yourself and proudly parade it inside of you. When you're in the slumps and feeling low, just know you're never alone. Somebody somewhere has a greater pain, a greater struggle, a greater battle. Reach out to a stranger today just by smiling and saying "hello". Be the voice that makes you somebody's world today. Everybody needs a dose of inspiration sometimes to find that inner motivation to take on the world. You are of importance. You are powerful. Seize the day. Conquer the hour. Relish in the moments of inner superiority because you are a warrior. Let the entire universe hear YOU roar! Have a great day guys! XOXO

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Smile, Because You're Worth It

August 08, 2013 10:08AM, 4 comments

It's absolutely amazing how powerful your smile can be. Not only is it extremely contagious; but, it also can turn a whole dragging day into a spectacular day! Don't believe me? Try it!!!! Today I want you to focus on your smile. I guarantee it'll make somebody's day. That's what it's all about! Taking the world by the reigns and showing it that your happiness is in YOUR control! What's not to be happy about? You're important enough to exist! You are value to this planet around us or else you wouldn't be here! Everything is for a reason and there's a reason your here! Got haters? Smile!!!! Smile at them and kill them with kindness. My Pawpaw always preached this and it's incredible how well it'll work. Bullies often thrive on the insecure to torment because like them, they're insecure. A smile shows you're bigger than them and secure with your non "flaws". Because flaws are simply part of your unique artwork pieced together perfectly to make you beautiful. I think that's plenty to smile about! Have a nice day! XOXO

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become that dominant female

July 31, 2013 06:07AM, 2 comments

Seriously?! What girl has never chased a guy? If you say "No" you're most definitely probably lying. It's a natural feeling; wanting to feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes desperation consumes us and makes us do crazy things. I have learned this urge to feel adored is somewhat caused by an inner insecurity one cannot quite get rid of no matter how beautiful of a mask they try to wear everyday. The need to force things that only seem logical in your mind only hinders self confidence in the end. Desperation isn't cute and it can drive you bat shit crazy. In reality, how can you really handle a relationship if you're that desperate and insecure that you must rely solely on a man to complete you? Not very "independent". Not very sexy either. I believe in establishing yourself before deciding to invite a man into your life permanently. Be able to provide for yourself, know you're the queen of the town, love everything about yourself, be patient and everything will fall together nice and perfectly when the time is right. You're young and so full of life! I say make the best of it finding yourself first before deciding on other commitments. As soon as you have YOU established, I hear it's a walk in the park because YOU'LL know exactly what YOU want in life and what works best for YOU! Sometimes selfishness is a requirement for self satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, you lack happiness. Nobody can fill an emotional hole you haven't even really focused on fixing yourself. Focus on accepting who you are; because you're amazing and the world needs to know it. You deserve the best in life! If you didn't, you wouldn't even be alive! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

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Smile Like You Mean It

July 30, 2013 05:07AM, 6 comments

There's a little saying that goes a little something like this: "Have YOUR smile change the world. Don't let the WORLD change your smile." I mean really? Who is in control if you're letting the world change your smile? If you're letting all these negative things happening right NOW in life get you down? I can tell you that it isn't you. It's everyone around you, controlling you. How you feel in the morning, all that stress that keeps you from doing what you desire, that inner self resentment. Nothing about that screams "I'm HAPPY". You're probably wondering how you can find this thing called HAPPINESS that I blog about everyday. I can assure you that you don't have to look far. Happiness is within each and every one of us if we allow it come and play. Nevermind the pessimism and hatred in the world. The less you care, the easier it is to become happy. We can create our own inner joy by doing just that. Listen to your favorite song, wear your lucky dress (I'm putting mine on later), go skate around the neighborhood to clear your mind, engage in yoga, make some chocolate brownies, anything you enjoy to get you in gear for the day ahead. My idol, Audrey Hepburn, knows what she meant when she said "Happy girls are the prettiest girls". What's not beautiful about a smile? Happy Tuesday! Have a marvelous day! XOXO

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Powerbombing Monday

July 29, 2013 07:07AM, 6 comments

Sunday has come and gone as another weekend goes down in the books. Hopefully everybody had the opportunity to relax and just enjoy themselves. If not? That's ok. Another weekend is just around the corner. In order to get there, we must conquer this next week. Up first we have everybody's favorite: The Dreaded Monday. The day everything absolutely wrong happens, right? WRONG!!!! You see the thing about Mondays is it has a way of intimidating the human mind to create a pessimistic outlook for an individual. Like fear, it's all in our heads. I say we whip out our individual forms of artillery and show Monday who's the boss. Let it be a stepping stone for an epic week. Let this be your claim to fame. When you jump out of bed in the morning, go straight to the mirror, flash your biggest smile or flip your hair to set the attitude that today is YOUR day and it's all about what YOU want. You are going to dominate that test, make them sales, finish that workout, cook a 5 star meal (and share it with me please!). Today we aren't messing around. Make Monday YOUR bitch. No need to surrender to a figment of your imagination. Have a great day!!!! XOXO

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A Little R And R for the Hardworking

July 27, 2013 06:07AM, 1 comments

Alas, the weekend has arrived. What to do? What to do? For starters, just relax. For many of us, today is a day of rest and rejuvenation. A chance to reflect on the actions of the previous week and tuck them away behind us to never have to deal with again unless we choose to. Some of us will have to work today. Maybe it's just me; but, weekends always seem more relaxed whether working or laying out by the pool. Hey, if you're not working, now is a excellent time to lose yourself in a book. Books are a magnificent way to briefly escape reality for a little while. Catching up on your TiVo or Netflicks is another alternative. One could also go have a few drinks with their friends. Saturdays are a great day to celebrate surviving a killer week. Whatever it is, simply just focus on you and what you desire most. Chill, and let your heart and inner spontaneity decide for you. Carpe the hell out of your diem. (I read that earlier & now love the saying!) XOXO & Happy Saturday to all!

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The Sun Will Set To Rise

July 26, 2013 06:07AM, 5 comments

"Life goes on, it gets so heavy. The wheel breaks the butterfly. Every tear a waterfall. In the night, the stormy night she'll close her eyes. In the night, the stormy night away she'd fly. And dream of paradise..." I personally have this song cemented in my favorites because I feel it's completely relateable. A girl burdered with stress and life crashing all around her. She's surrounded by darkness & can't find the light. She cries her sorrows and dreams of a life of simplicity. Where everything is easy & she doesn't ever cry. Who has never been that girl? She's looking for hope. Searching for her purpose. Little does she know how amazing she really is. Towards the end of the song, it finally hits her. This is just a temporary storm before the calm. The rivers of teardrops shed have dispersed with her melancholy hauntings. She patiently awaits her chariot to take on her world underneath the clear, blue sky. "And so lying underneath those stormy skies She'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise." A song of hope. A song of optimism. A song of personal strength. I catch myself playing this on repeat when I'm down in the slumps. I feel it's the perfect song to end the workweek. Friday's here!!!! Our own mini paradise into the weekend. Payday for some & no class for others. This causes for a celebration right?! This is paradise. Cheers! :)

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Share Your Smile

July 25, 2013 06:07AM, 1 comments

Good morning everybody & Happy Thursday! I hope everybody's Wednesday was stress free and an all around good day for them. I hope this morning you awaken totally refreshed, awake and full of joy! That's what my post today focuses on: Your Inner Happiness & The Positive Consequences Sharing It Has ON Your Peers. The quote in the picture attached to this particular post may be one of my all time favorite quotes yet! Who knew how powerful YOUR smile and positive energy could possibly be?! Pretty influential in the long run believe it or not!!!! Your energetic spirits can help uplift a room full of people down in the dumps for the day, turn tears into laughter, make a pal's day alll around just 100% better! The weekend is almost here! Friday is here tomorrow! I say Today's Challenge is to use that excitment to good use and motivate a friend to stay optimistic and strong. It's a fortunate occassion to even still be above ground! Why not make the most of it. It's the only Thursday, July 25, 2013 we will ever get if you want to get logical. Flash those pearly whites and set the entire world on fire!

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